About Hanafy

Our Quality Promise

At Hanafy Pigments, our commitment to quality is not just a statement; it's a reflection of our journey. Our story is one of passion, dedication, and a deep-rooted love for what we do.


Our quality is born from many years of practical experiments and observations. We've tirelessly honed our craft, tested our products in real-world applications, and refined them to perfection. It's the result of countless hours spent in the pursuit of excellence. The Hanafy reputation is built on quality proven over the years. We take pride in the trust that our customers have placed in us, and we've consistently delivered products that exceed expectations. Our commitment to quality starts with the foundation – high-class American raw materials. We source the finest ingredients, ensuring that every pigment we produce meets the highest standards. It's the cornerstone of our dedication to excellence.


Our quality is not just a claim; it's certified in Russia and the Customs Union. We adhere to the strictest industry standards and have earned the trust of regulatory bodies. It's a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality assurance. But most importantly, our quality is about making work easy and enjoyable. We understand the importance of products that not only perform exceptionally but also enhance your process. It's our way of supporting you as artists and professionals in your craft, making every endeavor a joyful and satisfying one.

Our Pigments

Our pallet contains over 49 pigments specifically created for every permanent makeup master's request. Within this pallet you will find ranges made for different techniques and different styles. These ranges typically contain a small amount of only the necessary colors to have a simple and understandable color scheme that is easy to work with for predictable results. To get even more colors and shades, you can safely mix colors with each other as the results will pleasantly surprise and delight you. 

Fading occurs evenly, gradually, and slowly, without migrating into unnatural shades. 

If necessary, pigments are easily removed with a laser or removers. The compesition of the pigment, it's shelf life, and release date are indicated on each bottle. An allergy test is recommended before use. Shelf life - 3 years.

Our Story

The history of the Hanafy Colors Pigments company dates back to the moment when permanent makeup master Olga Hanafy (Tarasyuk) had the idea of ​​mixing pigments with each other to achieve the ideal result. Olga is the head of her own school-studio in Moscow, a participant in numerous conferences, an international judge, a member of the judging panels of many Russian and international championships in permanent makeup and has been in the profession since 2005.

But, as you know, the path from an idea to its implementation can be incredibly difficult. Especially when it comes to selling a new product on the market, production processes, financial issues, management and advertising. With all these labor-intensive and complex stages, Olga has the help from her husband, Mohamed Hanafy.

Thus, thanks to the joint efforts of the Hanafy family, in 2016 the first unique pigments, Hanafy Colors Pigments, entered the market. Pigments that which were subsequently and quickly loved by many artists around the world. Tattoos made with Hanafy pigments look natural and beautiful for many months and even years. 

A large team of highly qualified specialists work on the production and sale of products to guarantee safety and quality. Our products are widely represented both in the vast territory of Russia and abroad and year after year are used by artists to win global competitions and create beautiful permanent makeup daily in their work. 

Hanafy Pigments Founder, Olga Hanafy