Eyes&Brows Pigment Mini Set


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The set of eyelid pigments by Olga Kostinetskaya will introduce you to the entire palette of colors in our line at a great price.
The volume of each bottle is 3 ml.

The set includes 4 pigments:
Eyelid pigment No. 1 by Olga Kostinetskaya
Eyelid pigment No. 2 by Olga Kostinetskaya
Eyelid pigment No. 3 by Olga Kostinetskaya
Eyelid pigment No. 4 by Olga Kostinetskaya

Instructions for Use:  

  • Store in a room temperature environment.  
  • Do not leave product out in the sun.  
  • Shake pigment thoroughly before use.  
  • After pouring, ensure the lid is securely sealed and return to its storage area.  
  • To change consistency, only use Hanafy Universal Thinning Solution. Do not mix with water or other thinning agents.  
  • Pigment expires 12 months after opening. 

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